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Three Ways A Flatbed Tow Can Better Meet Your Vehicle Needs

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When the average person thinks about hiring the services of a flatbed truck, they typically think about business needs (such as transporting large equipment across long distances). They don't necessarily consider the fact that they too can benefit from this type of service. This is especially the case if you have a vehicle that you need to have hauled. If you are faced with this scenario, there are a number of reasons why a flatbed truck can better meet your needs than a traditional dolly tow option.

All-Wheel Drive

If your vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive, protect your car with a flatbed truck tow. With an all-wheel drive vehicle, the rear tires are connected to the drive shaft. If they spin freely during transport, particularly over a long distance, this can cause permanent transmission damage. You need to transport an all-wheel drive vehicle in a manner where the rear wheels are stable.

Lowered Vehicle

If you have performed any aftermarket customization, such as having the vehicle body lowered, you need to rely on a flatbed tow. If you tow your vehicle with a traditional dolly tow, you can expect major body damage. When a vehicle is lowered, the amount of clearance between the undercarriage and the ground is limited.

With a dolly tow, each time you hit a bump in the road, your exhaust, bumper and other components can scrape on the ground. With a flatbed tow, your vehicle remains on a level surface so there is no concern for this type of scenario.

Long-Distance Travel

If you need to transport your vehicle over a long-distance, such as across state lines, it's better to invest in a flatbed tow. As previously stated, with a dolly tow, your rear wheels are on the ground and in constant motion. Unfortunately, this motion will equal the same amount of wear as if you were driving the vehicle.

To put this into perspective, if you were to dolly tow your vehicle for 1000 miles, it's still 1000 miles of tire wear. A flatbed tow can prevent you from putting unnecessary wear on your vehicle and help keep it in better condition.

Flatbed trucks aren't just for meeting the needs of businesses that need to haul large equipment. A flatbed tow can also meet your need and help protect your vehicle. For more information or answers to your questions, reach out to a flatbed trucking company such as Apex Transportation.