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Saving Money On Fuel When Driving A Semi Or Heavy Truck

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If you just started your own trucking business, saving money will be one of your highest concerns as you get used to becoming established in your new line of work. One way to save money when working in this field is by trying to conserve the amount of fuel you use during each haul. Here are some tips to use to help avoid high fuel bills so you can reallocate the savings into other parts of your company.

Do Routine Maintenance On Your Tires

If you drive on tires that are not kept inflated at the recommended air pressure rate, you will lose valuable dollars at the gas pump. When there is not enough air inside of one of your truck's tires, the contact patch, or amount of tire hitting the ground at any given time, will expand. This larger footprint will, in turn, lead to the need to fill up more often, especially if several of your truck's tires are not at the proper pressure level. Under-inflated tires will also alter the sidewall area of their encasements, making it harder for the tires to support the load efficiently. Take the time to check every one of your truck's tires on a weekly basis to inflate them to the proper level. If the tires are losing air during your hauls at a high rate, consider seeing a repair shop for an evaluation.

Avoid Idling Your Vehicle For Long Stretches

It is necessary to put your truck into idle for a few reasons. If you need to charge something in the vehicle without putting the battery at risk, you may idle the vehicle. If you are travelling in excessively hot or cold temperatures, you may want to leave your vehicle idling so you can warm up or cool down. These are valid reasons to put your vehicle into idle, but they will also come with the price of added fuel usage. Take the time to turn off your vehicle when you intend on being stopped for more than a minute unless waiting in traffic. This will help conserve the fuel in the truck as it takes less fuel to start it back up than it does to allow it to idle for longer stretches.

Keep Your Vehicle At The Speed Limit

Many truckers find they have high demands regarding the time limit they have to get their wares to the recipient. It is best to avoid speeding on the roadway for safety reasons. In addition to minimizing the chance of an accident, you will save on the amount of fuel you use. For each mile per hour you increase the speed your truck is moving, your fuel's efficiency level reduces by .014 miles per gallon. If you tend to find yourself driving at excessive speeds, consider having your semi truck repair service change your truck's electronic control monitor to restrict the speed in which you can drive. The maximum speed limit desired can be set in this monitor, allowing your vehicle to get up to this number but restricting its capabilities from going over it.