Understanding Auto Issues

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What Is An Oxygen Sensor And How Can It Go Bad?

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One of the reasons the check engine light will go on is due to the oxygen sensor. Unfortunately, it is an important part of your vehicle and it needs to get fixed when it goes bad. If you’ve never heard of the oxygen sensor before, or don’t know anything about it, it can be helpful to learn more about them and why they go bad. Why Your Car Needs the Oxygen Sensor Read More»

Use A Hydraulic Pump? How To Keep It In Good Condition

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A hydraulic pump is used to convert mechanical power to hydraulic energy, such as pressure, flow, and hydrostatic energy. For example, a hydraulic pump can push large amounts of oil through a hydraulic motor. If you use a hydraulic pump in your business, there is preventative maintenance you can do to keep it in good condition for you. This will not only save you a lot of time from having a pump that is not working, but will also save you money because you will not have to purchase a new hydraulic pump. Read More»

Hire A Towing Company To Remove Illegally Parked Vehicles From Your Stores Parking Lot

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When you own a business, it is important to keep the parking lot as clear as you possibly can so that all of your customers can easily maneuver around the lot. Illegally parked cars can congest a parking lot very quickly and make it difficult for anyone to move around in the lot. The guide below walks you through a three reasons why you can have vehicles towed from your parking lot without having to contact the police. Read More»

Understanding And Troubleshooting A Car's Water Pump

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For first-time car owners and those who don’t have a lot of mechanical understanding, navigating the issues under the hood can be intimidating. For example, one part that’s often misunderstood is the water pump. Your car’s cooling system requires a water pump to keep the coolant cycling, but if you don’t know how it works and how to know when it’s failing, you could find yourself with an overheated engine and potentially blown seals, all of which can be costly to repair. Read More»