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Let Them Hear Your Roar: 3 Essentials For Your Hellcat That Make Tuning Simple

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The Chrysler Hellcat engine has been one of the most successful since the muscle car era. Today, it is one of the only true power plants available for modern cars. Even with its raw power, it is a modern engine that can be tuned with the right tools, such as a Mopar Micropod II or diagnostics software. If you want to have the best results and make your Mopar roar, then you may want to consider a combination of these essential tuning tools:

1. The Micropod II For In-Your-Pocket Diagnostics

One important thing that you need while on the road, is a diagnostics tester to monitor performance. This can be an ODB tester or tuning chip, which will give you some basic options for tuning your car. The Micropod II is a tester that is designed for Chryslers and can provide you with all the features you need, including Wi-Fi and the ability to turn the settings back to their factory defaults when troubleshooting problems.

2. Be The Doctor To Your Ride With A Wireless Stethoscope

Sometimes, when tuning your car it is important to be able to identify potentially fatal problems like a loose rod or debris in the engine or transmission. These problems are easily identified by listening to your car run. With a stethoscope, you will be able to find problems that can damage your car and fix the issues before they become too big. A wireless stethoscope is a great tool for this and can help you monitor any mechanical problems while tuning your car.

3. Wireless On-Dash Live Performance Display For Your Ride

Another feature that you may want to consider for your Hellcat is monitoring your performance with a dash display. There are wireless dash displays that can give you all the information you want, while you are driving. It can also warn you of potential problems that you may have while tuning your car. Even though you have some information with the stock display, having a wireless display can give you more information that may not be available in the stock display of your car and information about the tuning features you have added.

With a combination of these different tools, you will be able to make your Chrysler Hellcat roar like it never has before.  To get started tuning your Mopar, contact a dealer of the Chrysler Micropod II to get a diagnostics tool you can take with you everywhere. Contact a business, such as AA Automotive Diagnostic Solutions LLC, for more information.