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2 Reasons To Offer Your Customers Extended Warranties

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One of the more useful services that a dealership can provide to their customers is an extended warranty, mostly because this can provide your customers with a wide range of benefits. An extended warranty is an extra coverage that can be offered by vehicle manufacturers or third parties that can not only increase the amount of time that a car is covered but also extend coverage to those parts of the vehicle that are not normally covered. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider offering extended warranties through your dealership.

Attract Customers That Are Hard On Vehicles

A major reason to offer an extended warranty is to attract and appeal to those customers that are rough on their vehicles. This can include potential customers that put a lot of mileage on their cars and people that frequently tow heavy loads or use the vehicles for work purposes. For example, offering an extended warranty that increases the number of miles that can be driven before coverage ends will definitely appeal to a customer that goes on a lot of road trips or travels a lot for business.

In addition, offering a power train extended warranty will tend to appeal to customers that frequently take their vehicles off-road. This is because most power train extended warranties will cover axles and the actual 4-wheel drive system, which are both aspects of the vehicle that are most at risk when going off-road.

Make A Customer More Comfortable With A Used Vehicle

Another reason to offer your customers extended warranties is in order to help a hesitant customer become more open to the idea of purchasing a used vehicle. This is very important as many individuals will balk at buying a used vehicle that no longer has any part of its manufacturer's warranty coverage remaining. When customers see those vehicles, they will often begin thinking about the large potential repairs that they may have to pay for out of their own pockets.

However, by offering an extended warranty that allows those used vehicles to be covered, you can set those customers' minds at ease about those potential expensive repairs. As a result, you staff may find it much easier to sell some of your older used vehicles.

Contact an extended warranty provider today in order to discuss the possibility of partnering with them and the benefits that the partnership can provide for your customers. By offering extended warranties you can often attract and retain customers that are hard on their vehicles as well as making potential customers more comfortable with buying a used vehicle.