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Information Needed To Order A Custom Drive Shaft

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When it comes to building a car for competition, the addition of a custom drive shaft can elevate your vehicle to the next level. If you are thinking of ordering a custom drive shaft in the near future, there are some important pieces of information that you should have on-hand to ensure you get the part that is best suited to meet your driving needs.

Here are three pieces of information you should be ready to provide your custom drive shaft manufacturer to help make the ordering process a little easier.

1. Information about your car's differential.

The differential is the part of your car's drive shaft that splits the engine torque in two ways in order to help your tires spin at a different speed when necessary. Before a custom drive shaft can be manufactured for your car, the fabrication company will need to know what type of differential mount is present on your vehicle.

Make sure you check to see whether your differential mount features U-bolts and straps or straight bolts and a flat plate before calling to order your custom drive shaft.

2. Information regarding the total horsepower output of your vehicle's engine.

If you are planning to make some upgrades to your vehicle's engine to increase the amount of horsepower it creates, then you should be prepared to provide your custom drive shaft manufacturer with information regarding the total horsepower output you are anticipating.

Whenever you increase the horsepower of your vehicle, maintaining drive shaft balance becomes an issue. Your manufacturer will be able to make the necessary adjustments needed to accommodate a horsepower increase when crafting your custom drive if you let him or her know about your plans.

3. Information regarding the size of your tires.

Competition vehicles often feature custom tires, which might be larger or smaller than the factory-issued tires your car's stock drive shaft is made for. An increase in tire size can mean a loss of power if the gears in the drive shaft aren't upgraded to accommodate for the larger tire diameter.

Larger tires will cover more ground, which means the drive shaft will turn slower if the axle gears aren't upgraded along with the tires. Be sure that your custom drive shaft manufacturer knows what size your tires will be so that he or she can build a shaft with axle gears that won't compromise power as you drive.

Being able to identify some key pieces of information needed by a custom drive shaft manufacturer will help you place an order for a drive shaft that is uniquely suited to meet the needs of your vehicle in the future. To find out more, speak with someone like Jons Shafts and Stuff