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Hire A Towing Company To Remove Illegally Parked Vehicles From Your Stores Parking Lot

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When you own a business, it is important to keep the parking lot as clear as you possibly can so that all of your customers can easily maneuver around the lot. Illegally parked cars can congest a parking lot very quickly and make it difficult for anyone to move around in the lot. The guide below walks you through a three reasons why you can have vehicles towed from your parking lot without having to contact the police.

Cars Parked in the Fire Zone

It is illegal to park in a fire zone unless you are coming to respond to an emergency. Fire trucks, ambulances, and police are the only people allowed to park in these zones and only during an emergency. Someone parked in the designated fire zones can be towed without warning at any time.

Cars Illegally Parked in Handicapped Zones

Parking in a handicapped zone without a visible placard or marking on the license plate of a vehicle is prohibited, as well. Handicapped customers will have to park further away from your store, if the handicapped spaces are occupied by non-handicapped individuals. The tow truck driver will check the front and back of the car to make sure that there are no markings indicating that the car belongs to a handicapped individual before towing it.

Cars Parked in Loading Zones

Loading zones are designated areas of a parking lot that are set up for loading and unloading only. Large trucks need to have ample room to be able to park when they are delivering merchandise to your business. Being sure that they have plenty of room to be able to park ensures that the merchandise can be delivered quickly and safely to your business. The tow company can remove any cars parked in the loading zone within a matter of minutes so that the delivery drivers can get where they need to be to make their deliveries.

When people are in a hurry, they often do not pay attention to the signs around them that indicate if they are parked in a legal parking spot or if they are parking illegally. If any of these parking issues arise, contact the towing company right away. You can set up a contract with a company like Michael's Towing & Recovery Service to have them monitor your lot for you, as well. They will look for cars that are illegally parked and remove them from the lot quickly and easily for you to ensure that your customers can get where they need to go with ease.